ControlCORE Remote Management

Remote Asset Management Solution

For companies seeking to stay ahead of an ever-advancing world, AEC provides automation, controls and monitoring solutions for your electric motor, combustion engine, pumps, process equipment and more.

AEC’s systems and equipment are designed to last and to create seamless interoperability between people, processes and technology. Both on and off site. With AEC, companies can increase efficiency, drive down costs, improve reliability and reduce the number of people required on site.

Using AEC’s ControlCORE Remote Management solution, you can manage your assets around the globe from any internet connected computer, tablet or phone.

Safe and Secure

Using a secure HTTPS connection and the latest encrypted MQTT communication protocols, you can see and control your assets from wherever you are with confidence that your information is safe and secure.

Data At Your Fingertips

Remotely view near real time data as well as historical trending.


Generate custom reports and save them to PDF or CSV files on your device.

Alarm Notification

Receive SMS or Email notifications of alarms on your assets as well as the ability to create custom alarms based on your specification.

Groups and Asset Types

Group assets together based on jobs or location with custom group names or view by asset types.

Sensor Monitoring

Monitor connected sensors and set alarms based on custom ranges.

Remotely Control Assets

Users with Read/Write capabilities can change setpoints, settings and functions remotely from the ControlCORE interface.

User Management

  • Administrators can Add/Remove/Edit their own users.
  • Users can be Read/Write or Read Only to allow only qualified personnel to make remote changes to equipment.
  • Give your customers their own login credentials with the ability to view only the assets that pertain to them.
  • Unlimited users


  • AEC panels come standard with Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity
  • Optional Satellite communication
  • Retrofit options available
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