Future of Work

AEC is pioneering the worksite of the future and helping clients rethink how they control, monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their operations. AEC gets clients ready for the future of work – one where work is easier, safer, smarter and more productive. It’s a future where facilities, plants, and worksites are easier to operate, require fewer people, and are more predictable, reliable and fully connected.

Work is changing in all industries - water & wastewater, agriculture, waste management, oil & gas, commercial and industrial - but if you can keep up, it’s changing for the better. AEC partners with its clients to provide them with superior equipment and systems that are ready for the future of work. Clients who partner with AEC feel driven to achieve excellence and ready themselves for what is coming next

Water & Wastewater

Moving and processing water is critical in almost every industry. Take full control of your water system management, energy performance, and water conservation with our innovative automation systems that can monitor and control pumps, filters, tank levels, distribution systems and chemical feed systems for distribution and managing water pressure, speed and volume for water management, transfer and dewatering. Weather integrating a new system or maintaining existing equipment AEC focuses on improving your operational efficiency, reduce risks and increase profitability.

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Environmental & Waste Management

In today’s world everything is being re-used, recycled, re-processed and re-purposed. This is being done both for economic and environmental reasons. Whatever your organization reason is, it is vital to ensure that the process is efficient, reliable, economical and safe. AEC can provide you with the automation, equipment and expertise to ensure your process and facility is running at optimum efficiency.

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Agriculture & Farming

AEC’s controls and automation systems will give you limitless control and peace of mind over your operations. AEC offers complete solutions that enhance its clients operations by increasing efficiency, driving down costs, improved facility reliability and longevity, all while increasing safety. We ensure that our solutions are easy to use and manage. AEC understands that for our agriculture clients, that down time is the difference between profit and loss and our 24/7 service and remote access capabilities will ensure that you are running on time and on budget.

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Increase efficiency, drive down costs, improve facility reliability and longevity with AEC’s VFD’s and power quality solutions for HVAC-R. Designed for energy savings and optimal control of your fan and pump applications. From initial planning, commissioning, and installation through start-up, service and beyond, AEC works alongside its clients to offer solutions expertly fit to their operations.

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Oil & Gas

In the oil & gas industry we are already facing a new digital area. With AEC’s advanced automation, control and remote monitoring solutions, energy companies and their service providers can meet the demands of our industry today and operate their facilities and worksites more easily, safer, intelligently, and productively. AEC and its clients are pioneering the worksite of the future.

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Mining & Aggregates

AEC assists clients on how they can get ready for the future of work – one where work is easier, safer, smarter, and more productive. A facility or plant upgraded by AEC is easier to operate and manage, requires fewer people, and is more predictable, reliable, productive and connected.

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Across industries, companies are adopting new technology and innovating at a faster pace to increase efficiency, drive down costs, improve facility reliability and longevity, and reduce the demands on their workforce. By pairing superior electric motor and pump control equipment with a commitment to excellence and reliable 24/7 service, AEC is helping clients better control, monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their operations.

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