AEC is pioneering the worksite of the future and helping clients rethink how they control, monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their operations. AEC gets clients ready for the future of work – one where work is easier, safer, smarter, and more productive. It’s a future where facilities, plants, and worksites are easier to operate, require fewer people, and are more predictable, reliable, and fully connected. Work is changing in all industries – including, water waste water & agriculture – but if you can keep up, it’s changing for the better. AEC partners with its clients to provide them superior equipment and systems that are ready for the future of work. Clients who partner with AEC feel driven to achieve excellence and ready themselves for what is coming next.

AEC’s automated dredging systems allow you to control electric or diesel dredges from the comforts and safety of shore using a robust easy to use tablet. The tablet provides an easy to navigate control system (Start, stop, speed, fwd/rev, pump, auger, traverse system and pump hoist), as well as alarms, trouble shooting and sensor feedback.

The system can also be integrated with the solid’s control, tanks, or other dewatering equipment. You will be able to watch your dredging operation remotely through our ControlCORE remote management system.

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