Increase efficiency, drive down costs, improve facility reliability and longevity with AEC’s VFD’s and power quality solutions for HVAC-R. Designed for energy savings and optimal control of your fan and pump applications. From initial planning, commissioning, and installation through start-up, service and beyond, AEC works alongside its clients to offer solutions expertly fit to their operations.


  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Universities & Schools
  • Office Towers Condos
  • Arena’s and Sports complexes
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Cannabis Facilities

Equipment and processes AEC enhances

  • Chillers
  • Air Handling Units
  • Hydronic Heating
  • Systems Pumps
  • Cooling Towers Boilers
  • Fans Blowers
  • Air Purification Systems
  • Drainage systems

AEC’s solutions

  • VFD’s
  • VFD – Bypass Systems
  • Reactors
  • DV/DT Filters
  • Custom Control panels
  • MCC’s
  • Electric motors
  • Soft Starters
  • Smart building communication protocols
  • Power Quality solutions
  • Pipe fill mode
  • PID Control
  • Dry pump detection