Automation For Dewatering and Solids Control

AEC is a people + technology company

We believe that, in order to be effective our solutions must be designed to seamlessly fit with your operations. They must be easy to utilize and operate, both on and off-site.

AEC is driven to empower people through technology and give them more control over their operations. We carry philosophy throughout our entire business, seeking to make life easier and more efficient for the people who use our solutions and equipment.

Advanced Technical Capability

Our advanced skills in automation and custom programming enables us to create efficient, high-performing solutions that are easy to use, manage and integrate.

Automation & VFD Control

AEC’s HMI/PLC and VFD automated systems allow operations of solids control by controlling bowl, conveyor and feed rates

  • This can be utilized in a wide range of applications
  • The automated control system can adjust speeds based on centrifuge loading, ensuring optimal performance with minimal operator intervention.

Feature Include:

  • Maximum solids removal efficiency
  • Unplug feature
  • Automated load sensing and feed control
  • Four stage adjustable throttle down
  • Automated start-up and shut down routines
  • Automatic cleanout during shut down
  • Automatically adopts to changing conditions
  • Multi-machine selection
  • Straight forward large HMI 
  • Precision VFD control
  • Controlled acceleration and shut down
  • Winter bypass mode
  • Easy set up and troubleshooting
  • Rotation set up and check


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Process optimization
  • Rapid implementation and set up
  • Increased safety
  • User friendly
  • Less wear and tear on equipment

Remote Access

AEC has the ability to get online with your machine from anywhere in the world. 

This allows our team of experts to see what is happening inside the panel, and assist with troubleshooting or optimization. This feature can save your company thousands of dollars in downtime and travel/personnel costs.

  • Reduce field service costs
  • Troubleshoot efficient
  • 24/7 support

ControlCORE Remote management

AEC’s ControlCORE remote management system allows you to watch your machine as though you were in front of the control panel:

  • Allows monitoring from a safe location
  • Protects personnel from hazardous conditions
  • Allows remotely located experts to assist in operation and troubleshooting
  • Trending and alarming
  • Create reports
  • Help your field personnel troubleshoot 
  • Optimize settings for maximum efficiency
  • Monitor groups or projects
  • Maintenance logging
  • Temperature and vibration monitoring


  • Remote alarming (email, text, desktop)
  • Condition monitoring and alarming (vibration, temp, level)
  • Real-time and historical data logging
  • Create reports


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved safety
  • Improved maintenance
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Extend machine life

ControlCORE IIOT and connected sites

AEC can increase the efficiency of your entire site or project. We can integrate and monitor any piece of information you require and add it to your operation

  • Tank monitoring
  • Pump monitoring
  • Pressures
  • Levels
  • Temperatures
  • Flow 
  • Density
  • Camera systems
  • GPS tracking

Dewatering equipment available from AEC:

AEC can custom build all of your pumps, panels and automation equipment. Everything you need to meet the worksite demands of today and tomorrow.

  • Slurry Pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Agitators
  • Vertical dryer panels
  • Pump controls
  • Ex-proof panels
  • Electric motors
  • Motor control
  • Centrifuge panels
  • Polymer and chemical injection systems
  • and much more…..
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