VFD Drives

Demand for variable frequency drive (VFDs) has increased due to a growing emphasis on boosting energy efficiency and meeting energy requirements.

AC Drives, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and inverters are interchangeable names for electronic motor contollers that are becoming more and more critical to your process and motor control applications. By controlling the speed and torque of your electric motors, the VFD provides many advantages to your process.  Advantages of VFD’s include energy efficiency and cost savings, precise speed, torque and position control, extended equipment life, and reduced maintenance to name a few.

AEC Industrial Solutions has extensive experience integrating VFDs in a variety of applications and is the Western Canadian distributor and service provider for FUJI Electric VFD’s.


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Fuji Electric delivers high-performance VFD drives and industrial power inverter ac drives that offer automatically controlled motor operations and operating speeds for a wide variety of drive applications in IrrigationOil & GasManufacturing and much more. This precision control allows our drives to operate at an optimal speed throughout your application, reducing overall power and energy consumption to minimize operating costs.  Applications for these AC / VFD drive, and v/ Hz vector drive inverters include conveyor systems, pumps, fans, and HVAC. Quality is our drive, World Class AC Drives.


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