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Superior Equipment & Product Expertise

Superior Equipment and Product Expertise: AEC partners with leading product manufactures to provide clients a complete portfolio of reliable equipment designed to meet demands of today’s industrial worksites. Our extensive experience running and maintaining the equipment we sell enables us to intelligently advise clients on what solution will best meet the demands of their operations.

Power & Motor Control

The future of work is changing for many industries, with more automation and technology involved. AEC works hard to find the ways to make the connections between your people and your operations, so they can find ways to help your operate more safely, efficiently, and more easily.

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Process Equipment

Companies are constantly evolving and seeking new ways to stay ahead of ever-advancing technology. AEC provides advanced automation, control and monitoring solutions and superior process equipment. Our process systems are designed to last and to create seamless interoperability between people, processes, and technology, on and off-site.

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Automation is changing the future of work, and it’s not for the worse. Automation is focused on enhancing your operations today with superior equipment and systems that make your worksite safer, more informed and freeing up your people to concentrate on efficiency and streamlining your processes.

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