Power & Motor Control

The future of work is changing for many industries, with more automation and technology involved. AEC works hard to find the ways to make the connections between your people and your operations, so they can find ways to help your operate more safely, efficiently, and more easily. AEC takes the time to truly understand your operation before finding ways to enhance your worksite with innovative technology, including power and motor controls. We ensure a seamless integration of new equipment and systems from initial planning, commissioning, and installation through startup and service. AEC will work alongside you to offer a solution expertly crafted to fit your operations. 

AEC is committed to excellence in product development, and our team has a deep understanding of field applications that allow us to design superior products. We develop products that meet the worksite demands of today and tomorrow while enhancing the experience of the people who work there.


Power & Motor Control products we offer:

Variable Frequency Drive/ Inverters/ AC Drives

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Electric Motors

Power Quality

  • Harmonic Filters 
  • Line & load reactors
  • Surge Protection

Motor Controls

  • Soft Starters
  • Full Voltage starters
  • DC Speed controllers

Hazardous Location Panels

  • Explosion Proof starter panels
  • Purged and pressurized Panels
  • Hazzardous location HMI and PLC panels
  • Intrinsically safe barrier systems

Cables & Connectors

  • Custom Overmolded cables
  • Wring Harnesses
  • Pin and sleeve Plugs and recptacles
  • Multi pin control cables