Pump VFD's & Control Systems

At Amaritech we supply any pump system, from the most simple to the most complex. The requirements of pump systems in the different fields demand a variety of customized equipment and we are able to meet those needs.

Our expert teams are trained and experienced in designing agricultural pump systems, water transfer pumps, booster pumps, commercial or industrial pumps, and centrifuge pumps. Since all different pump systems come with custom control panels, they are designed and tailored to fit the expectations of the clients. Further, the customized control panels are designed for efficiency and excellence. The motor controls and variable frequency drives allow for close control of the panels.

We create our products so replacement of a part is no hassle. We offer on-site maintenance of our products by a team of trained and professional personnel. We also replace and sell parts to increase the life and productivity of a unit.

Among the parts we sell are:

  • Soft starters to ensure the prolonged life of your motor
  • Diesel pumps controls – Paralleling, flow control, level control, and pressure control
  • Parts sales – (Motors, Pumps, VFD’s, DC Controllers, Switches (flow, pressure, level), Soft starts, Electrical, Instrumentation)
  • Our pumps are ready to use in a variety of industries
  • Variable frequency drives that will lighten the work load on your employees and will increase your power savings
  • Flow, pressure or level switches
  • Our team of professional engineers can design and modify motors tailored to the needs of your business

We also design our pump system with durability in mind. In the construction of our equipment we include the power factor correction in order to regulate the power transmission, thus making the unit more reliable and cost efficient.

At Amaritech we believe that productivity and capability of the units depend on the ease of operation, therefore our pump systems have a fully automated design. The automation of our products allows for a variety of operations such as control and monitor of the flow, levels and pressure in remote areas.

The wireless instrumentation and monitoring brings crucial information about the levels, pressure and flow allowing for adequate regulation and control. The use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) makes for a reliable and timely completion of control processes and the HMI controls improve the productivity of workers with its simple and logical design.

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