Portable Power & Lighting

Amaritech provides durable and innovative power and lighting solutions to meet the demands of any project. Our power and lighting solutions will increase the safety of your work sites and the productivity of your project.

We deliver lighting and power solutions for the highly demanding oil patch sites, providing equipment ranging from light towers to stadium lightning. We adjust our lightning solutions with regard to the client’s needs and our generator packages are made to serve and improve the quality of work of the industrial market. Our customized products deliver an efficient, reliable, and safe solution to projects in the field.

Besides our customized products and projects, we are also detail oriented. At Amaritech we have a range of power cables needed for the development of unique solutions, or to serve as an additional and easy fix to an existing product. We are available 24 hours for field service and assistance.

Our portable power panels, distribution and transformers are adjusted to the harsh requirements of the Western Canadian oil patch:

  • We supply 600Volt, 480volt and 120/208volt systems;
  • 600Volt, 480volt, 240volt, 120/208volt distribution transformers;
  • Step up transformers;
  • Step down transformers;
  • Portable cables;
  • Raceways and cable management solutions;
  • Grounding and bonding services
  • Easy plug and play solutions

LED Lighting Packages

We invest knowledge and time to develop the most suitable LED lighting packages to fit your project specifications. Our lighting packages work for you.

  • Save fuel, energy and money;
  • We develop our designs to be durable and reliable;
  • Our LED lighting has powerful white light and great coverage;
  • The instant start feature saves time
  • The compact design saves you space and increases quantity;
  • The lighting packages can be added to already existing lighting, as well as to new application and complete retrofits;
  • The LED Lighting is environmentally friendly;
  • Can operate in low and high temperatures;
  • We keep lights and replacement parts in stock.