Generator Control Systems

We supply reliable, efficient and safe generator control systems. Take your pick from small generators to large industrial machines.

We are able to custom design based solely on your project requirements and needs. Our great selection of standard or customized generators is advantageous for our clients because they can rely on our product in any situation and for any project. Alongside the custom generators, we include custom generator controls. The controls work in coordination with the generators to allow for metering, monitoring, load sensing, phasing and alarming. Your project and your workers are secure, since the custom generator controls safely and conveniently allow for shut downs.

Generator Offerings Include:

  • Electrical Distribution Packages (600, 480, 120/208volts, 100 – 1000amp custom or standard packages)
  • Load Sharing (from small generators to large industrial machines we can custom build generator Paralleling systems and switch gear)
  • Manufacturing (distribution packages, full buildings, skid packages)
  • Custom Generator controls (metering, monitoring, load sensing, phasing, alarming, shut downs)
  • Custom generator distribution panels (all shapes and sizes to fit your needs)

We offer remote monitoring, alarms and GPS tracking to our equipment. This will promotes worker safety and the productivity of your project. Remote operational controls via your browser give you the ability to shut down dangerous functions and will notify you of oil changes or high temperatures.

Sales & Service

Amaritech rents equipment to offer temporary power solutions. We will select the right size and model of a generator to fit your project’s demands. We will also provide the cabling and cord ends in order to have a complete, functioning, safe, and efficient product. We offer excellent quality, high reliability and durability of our products. Be in control of your project and your equipment wherever you are.

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