Excellence and expertise are building blocks in the execution of our projects. The Start-up and Commissioning services are an integral part of our goal to deliver complete and effective results.

Since all of our commissioning is entirely documented, we are able to fully validate the integrity of the construction. Our start-up and commissioning services complete the project process by ensuring that the project is ready for commercial use. When we engage in the electrical and instrument system commissioning, we check, inspect and test the different parts of the project in order to ensure smooth operations upon use. Alongside the commissioning, we provide Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to ensure that the product meets the regulations and specifications of the client. After delivery, we provide Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) to ensure the secure, correct and functional installation of the product.

After successful delivery and installment of our equipment, we leave our clients with the support of our operations and maintenance manuals. The manuals provide ease of operations for our client and speedy future maintenance operations. Regular field installation checks and loop logic tests support the prosperity of the project, thus increasing the effectiveness of operations and its endurance.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to guarantee satisfaction for our clients. The cornerstone of our services is to ensure we meet the needs and requirements of our clients and to effectively implement them to create the most suitable customized project.

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